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What is Intentional Wellness Solutions, LLC? The short answer is, Intentional Wellness Solutions is a Mental Health Clinic. We provide medication management and incorporate therapy in each visit, for everyday people. 

Life is amazing, yet it can also throw us difficult and unexpected curve balls. We work with people to help build their strength to "get back in the game" and enjoy life, so to speak. Clients who have sought out services received relief from sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating at work and/or home, irritability with friends and family, loss of pleasure with previously enjoyable activities, relationship stressors, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and/or other concerns. 

Quality of life is impacted not only by physical health, but also mental wellbeing. During uncertain times, humans need additional support to stay mentally well. We look forward to walking this journey with you.

Call or text us at 763-400-8177 to set up a free 20 minute session. Most major insurances are accepted. 



Personalized Care and Guidance

Mental Health Assessments & Medication Consultation

Do I have to take a medication? 
Absolutely not. We will work with you and recommend a medication if it could be beneficial for your individual situation. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. (**Flexible telepsych appointments via your mobile device only due to current events**).

Common diagnoses treated: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar II, PTSD, Binge Eating Disorder, Alcohol Use Disorder.

**Please note that we do not prescribe a class of medications called Benzodiazepines for anxiety disorders.  These medications include:  Xanax, Klonopin, Valium.  We are happy to discuss alternative medications.  

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Individual Therapy

Everyone has "life stuff." Just as exercise is needed for a healthy body, it is also essential for a healthy mind. Your sessions will include focusing and building on your strengths in a non-judgmental environment. 

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Medically Managed Weight Loss/Obesity Management

Explore the barriers keeping you from losing weight. We will help formulate a plan to change habits and reach your goals!

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Primary Care

As a family & psychiatric nurse practitioner, primary care services are available on a limited basis. We are always adding new services! Contact us for more information.

Doctor's Visit
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Available by appointment. Request your free 20 minute phone consultation below!


Contact Us

Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Ask about our free 20 minute phone consultations!

121 Adams St S
Cambridge, Isanti County 55008

763-400-8177 (Office Phone)

304-301-3047 (Fax)


About Us

Intentional Wellness Solutions, LLC was started by a dually certified Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Jamie Anderson.  We realize quality of life is impacted not only by physical health, but also mental wellbeing. We strive to help each person identify meaningful solutions and provide motivation to become your best self. We take great pride in providing the community with high quality, patient-centered care and health education.  Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier, and we work with that idea in mind.


Get To Know Us

Our Team of Qualified Health Care Providers


Jamie Anderson, FNP, PMHNP

Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 


Now Accepting Insurance!

Intentional Wellness Solutions, LLC is now accepting insurance. Please contact us to see if we are in network with your health insurance plan.  

Payment can also be made using a health saving account or credit card.  For patients who have an insurance plan we are not in network with, we will provide a receipt or statement of the services provided.  You may submit the visit statement to your insurance for reimbursement as an out of network provider.


121 Adams St S
Cambridge, Isanti County 55008

763-400-8177 (Office Phone)

304-301-3047 (Fax)

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