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Jamie Anderson, FNP, PMHNP

Jamie is a Family and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who understands mental wellness requires different approaches for each person. A whole person assessment is conducted in each visit, which includes considering your physical health, emotional health, and identification of strengths/weaknesses. By placing yourself in an environment that uses your strengths and less focus on your weaknesses, self esteem and contentment with life is increased. 

"Most patients who seek my services are professionals...and often times, very successful ones! 
I listen. I stay curious. I genuinely connect through building trust. It is critical that my services are individualized to each patient. I discover barriers in life and areas of opportunity. I pick up very quickly on identification of ones unique strengths. Everyone has a gift or skill. When your personal gift is utilized, lives can be transformed. Let's find it! 
I empower. I partner with peoples goals that are identified as their priority (physical or emotional). Together, we will appreciate lessons learned through setbacks and celebrate even the minor successes! We all learn from the "failures" aka - the path you don't want to travel down again.

When we learn what our "intentions" are for a goal, we can take "intentional" actions towards this.

My ideal patient/client is frustrated with the status quo and wants to find their passion/contentment in life, but knows this takes time and effort.

Areas of interest: Professional burnout prevention/reversal, Imposter Phenomenon, Non-Traditional College Students w/ disadvantaged backgrounds, Weight loss for those with 100+ lbs to lose.

I've chased my dreams and continue to do so! My newest passion is showing people how to chase their dreams and make them a reality.

Uncertainty and change can feel scary and unnatural, however, this is also where all the amazing parts of life begin... 
Many of my sessions can touch on deep subjects people need to explore, due to this, I like to use humor to lighten the mood. Let's keep it simple and peaceful."

Find your passion, improve your life!

Let us help you on your journey to living a fulfilling life!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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